Will 240v g5c spray weber monocouche render?

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Hi all im new on here and thought this could be the place to get an answer to my on going question?
im out in oz using weber monocouche renders and have found a cheap pft g5c over here that id like to buy(3 phase pumps are twice the price than in the uk) to get me going. ive used a few machines over the yrs and have rendered a couple houses with the weber over here by hand and its way to much hard work!
after seeing a ritmo on youtube spraying it but speaking to people in the uk saying it wont im no so sure i want to fork out cash to buy a pump that wont fit my needs?ive been told by pft in germany it will pump the gear up to 10m and other people reckon the start up power of the 240v isnt enough,i can also get hold of a pft monojet 240v so wondered what you guys reckon?
cheers mate
go with the monojet and the 240 ritmo will go 15m and it will pump mono if its a ritmo m model
Hello mate, It was me that you have been trying to phone. If you are going to go with a single phase machine use a Ritmo or similar technology. The older single phase machines are not designed with render in mind.
Technology has advanced and some single phase machines are now powerful enough to pump renders up to 20m. There is a new rotor and stator a d5-2 that is softer and also helps the material to pump further. A ritmo XL single phase would be the machine capable of this.
In short don't waste your money on a g5c or any older single phase machine. Your hitlist should be a Ritmo, Ritmo xl single phase/or dual phase or maybe that Putzmeister MP 10 if they are more local to you.
I think there is a PFT dealer in austrailia
hey there guys cheers for the input got loads of free minutes on my mobile blonde so ive been ringing hard!!,simply, i rang les but he was flat out all day but ill try again tonight.as for a solution till i can afford a 3 phase pump i have tracked down a ritmo machine down in perth and he is willing to hire it to me at a good price.i used one last year in perth to spray MP75 and she was a beauty,hopper didnt hold much tho but will get me out of trouble.im keen to get a 3 phase G5 later when i got some bucks anyone have any input on any other brands?what are M-TEC machines like?
I would be happy to pop over and train you up with the Ritmo, is Monocouche becoming popular over there?/ How much is it a bag?
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Ian if you go over you can a pair of bluesteel boots. Done that trip and its hell, 24 hours having to sit next to some fat b*****d .

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u should buy jallatte. superb and u can get them in England from arco
got the ritmo sorted blonde was using one in perth but yeah monocouche is just starting to go here only a few doz people using it oz is frikin slow way behind in building still using white set plaster out here need some multi finish aye bro..........
its expencive

hi blonde the weber is about $35 a bag by the time i get it to darwin from queensland and at 1 m2 per bag plus labor its goin to be pricy to render a house with it.ive only done 1 house so far but have another lined up when the next container gets here.have you used webers OCR render?they get that over here aswell the bag renders in oz are s**t they never set hard.
do Parex supply over there, much better gear. $35 a bag, s**t, that works out £22 a bag. dont want any **** ups at that price, I do think you could struggle with joints using the ritmo in the heat because of the speed. weber is a fast setter anyway and with high temps chucked in you might have problems. My brother lives in sydney and when i hav been over i couldnt have wored in those temps. be interested in seeing a vid mate of the job your going to do.
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Hey cam, The weber ocr may be better for you and your customers if its cheaper. Then you could use a bagged mineral render to apply a textured surface similar to weber. The advantage is that the mineral render will go much further per bag and therefor cost less to get delivered.
Monocouch renders are on their way out and you dont need 15mm of coloured render you only see the surface.
the heat up here is alot differnt than down south.i rode my motorbike round oz(brought an AFRICA TWIN out here from uk:RpS_thumbup:)and the humidity is so high up here paint takes forever to dry.80% humidity and 36 deg its a mad place to render!!usually ill start to sweet when i look at my trowel at 630 am and by 1pm im outa here way to hot makes cold beer taste so much better.down south like adelaide and perth the heat hits 40's but is dry so i reckon the weber might be harder down there?been reading posts about the OCR ive got 30 bags coming up tomorrow so ill let ya know how it goes have to find a job to try it out on.As for price things are more expensive out here than in UK anyway and if i could afford a container of render id cut out freight and get it cheaper,the nearest BIG town to darwin is kunanarra in WA 800km away!!
Hey BLONES haha is to sorry mate can i call you GREYSTOKE then? or silverback?
can i ask you another question,do you know what additives does OCR have in it apart from lager?
cheers geezer
i dont know to be sure, its sand ,cement, possibly lime and polymers and a waterproofer and retarding agent.
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