What size fixings for soundbloc ceiling?

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Got a soundproof ceiling to tack up 30sq metre. 1 layer 12.5ml wallboard and 1 layer 12.5ml soundbloc. wondering what length fixings i need - i.e how far does the screw have to travel in to the joist?? any help greatly appreciated:RpS_thumbup:
I'f the screws are going into the timber then that my friend is not a soundproof ceiling.
Yeah i know what they do fixed loads of them just wondered if they make that much difference as ive only done them on new work not on a remedial to gauge the difference.
I pulled down some ceilings in flats in the lakes that were failing a sound test pulled the ceiling down res bar double skin of soundbloc improved them a good few decibels and subsequently they passed. They did fail still on the flanking sound test but that was a whole different story
Thanks for the advice:RpS_thumbup: The customer is on a very tight budget, which is why they've gone for this system, despite putting my views over that if your going to soundproof then you may as well go the whole way with it or not at all, still some folk just won't listen...very good point about the fixings transfering the sound, as with so many points this is increasing noise transmission...is there any info on the web about this resi bar, heard it mentioned a few times??....Also would it make any difference which layer goes on first, soundbloc or wallboard?? thinking i'll get a better fixing with the soundbloc on first?? ..thanks again!
Resi bar is not very expensive mate if I remember tomorrow I will have a root on the laptop I have tons of info on sounproofing related products. There is a sort of rubber carpet underlay that is fantastic but that is no good to you obviously
another big factor that always concerns me is the weight on these suspended systems...sounbloc 12.5ml is 30kg per 8 by 4 sheet...say 30sq metre ceiling, thats 312kg..doubled up makes 625..plus skimm, say 3 bags is 75kg..700kg..thats a lot of weight to be suspended...mind you i'm not clued up on mf systems and would need to read more in to it to understand it.....it must be solid as its used on most of these new builds i get invited to tender for round here...which specify an MF ceiling system which is somehow attached in to the block n beam beams, with a layer of soundbloc and then a layer of wallboard goin in to the framework...does interest me despite being heavy in to traditional plastering these days
res bars usually give between 8 - 15 dB benefit, which is quite a lot. Make sure you fix into the bar making sure the screw doesnt go straight into the joist as that will reduce the performance. Spoke to a greeat guy at Protektor 'Mike' gave me all the info I needed he will also tell you what weights they can carry. Also make sure you use quality acoustic sealant arround the perimeters.
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