What plaster should I use?

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I had a rising damp issue because the original slate damp course had been breached. I’m hoping I’ve cured the problem by lowering the course of blocks that were causing the problem, letting the wall dry out and inserting dry rods a brick above the original damp course just as a precaution.

On the interior I’ve chopped all the plaster away but want to know whether I should replaster using lime or gypsum?

I will want to paper over it when I redecorate and not sure if I can do this with something like ‘limelite’.

Also if I brush a waterproofer onto the interior brickwork before attempting to replaster will this stop the plaster adhering to the wall?

Thanks for your help.


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Thanks for the replies.

So it is ok to use a lime plaster even if you want to wallpaper over it?

Howabout brushing a waterproof sealant onto the interior brickwork before plastering, yes or no?


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Can I paper over a lime based plaster and could I as an extra precaution, seal the interior brickwork before replastering or would this prevent the plaster adhering to the brick and if so what sealant would you recommend.

Many thanks.

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