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Hi all, I am looking to book on a course at wetherby building solutions to learn ewi and thin coat silicone render. I originally wanted to go to goldtrowel but it is a fair distance and the cost of the course plus travel and diggs is looking expensive.

I just wanted to know if its all the same sort of thing...
So is the thin coat silicone render with wetherby the same as using k rend and sto? These are just different manufacturers right?

Any advice much appreciated guys..
I got a weatherby card mate one day course they covered basics texture / dashing etc
well worth doing pal
Have you ever used it since? Just trying to stay up to date and with the industry going all Eco friendly I am assuming EWI will become bigger than it already is.


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what can you learn in a day? very little. go and work with a renderer for free, and get proper site conditions.
It's all exactly the same principle and methods some slight variations I done the course about 7yr ago when it was free but had used sto and weber products prior with a different company been self employed 10yr now and have only used weber and parex since only for ease of access for supplying a domestic market as keep away from the commercial side
I've been looking into this as well on their website its says £150+ vat for 1 day course in haydock.
That's the exact one i have booked onto on the 20th of this month. I did a similar sort of thing back in 2007 when i was only an apprentice and found it really easy and enjoyable but I didn't know the theory behind it as I was just told what to do then. Not touched it since then and would like to keep up with the industry. Been looking at wallcrete also but is it worth it?


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The course is okay but the instructor is a ******. He steals your wife. gets her up the duff and costs you a fortune in Krispy kremes
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