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S a plastering

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got a full bungalow to do in this but to be honest never used Weber mono before its all been krend is there much difference ie setting times need accelerator this time of year or just get it on in morning scratch back late afternoon cheers
a lot different,
more body to it, it picks up a lot quicker aswell, same days now on 7n blockwork. spray in morn youll be opening it up 5 hours later, at teens in temp.
If you put the amount of water it says on the bag you will not need any hardener. Just don't put on after 11.30. I think it's 5ltrs a bag.
We use a full tub of wickes for every 10 bags. Got that tip off here. Works a treat.
On for 12.30 and opening it up at 3.00
Will Wickes rapped hardener work with K1 K-rend? As I've got a job in the pipe line and I would like to finish the same day.
From what I've read yes but not very good for your machine if used a lot can f**k it up.
Why not use krend accelerator
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Weber pral m
How many bags you knocking up in a bath at one go? You mixing one bath till it's out then start again? Or while your laying on a lad knocking up another?

Even using the smallest amount will affect the drying.

Weber accelarator is the best it's a bit £££££ but good kit.

Only problem is by hand you have to be quick as it's starts going like chewing gum as your laying on.