Weber Pral Help

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I have done many jobs using webber mono, always Ivory!

The last job had 1 panel 3x2m panel which had direct sunlight all day on a hot day.
It has slight dis colour and a large halo, even though it was put on with 2 passes at 10mm each all levelled off ect.

Spoke to webber and they have said to re ren aid and put another pass on when the heat is less intense!

Is there any other ways around this?
Heard about an acrylic sil tf ??
Will this sort out the dis colour and hide the halo?
also how does it work on a scraped surface?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
Microgobetis and ten mill pass , if you use acrylics you'll see the difference compared to the other panels, if its a one of panel prime and texture with acrylic , should be ok
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