Water meter - can i remove it

The new place has a water meter.... I dont want to be on a meter...

Can it be removed or are there anyways we can get them to remove it
The one I have in a house renovate was internal meter ,I took it out imagine paying for the water for all those gauges willl put it back when I am done
But basically you can not have them removed legally
If it is internal best to install new mdpe pipe install from stop tap the T offs to garages ect & outside taps before meter :coffe:

your welcome
Once a meter your stuck with it
Got them to put me one (£80) in a boundary box near the road so at least it was not in the house taking up space. Original in house popped off once flooded kitchen!
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Think about it, if at source, then no way of cooking the books. Anyway, better than having the monstrosity in the house.