Want to learn the trade

You are tho
I am weak
Want to learn the trade
Hello @Titch ! And welcome!

How titchy are ya?

Good luck to you, despite my obviously fearsome reputation as malevolent Queen ..... :LOL: if I can help in any way I’m happy to, although I’m based in Manchester so maybe advice and perspective is all I can really offer.

Stick around on here and join in, the girls never do, it’s a shame. But you may find someone will help out based near you if you hang about
M***y was a t**t!! I spit on his ginger beard! :LOL:

Also can people stop tagging the random usurper named @jess ! I’ll duel her at sundown!!! :boxeador:
It’s just so much hassle and finger prodding to write the plasterer bit,
Maybe ***** should have changed his name to twatty it would have been a fair description of himself