Waking up stiff


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Jesus talk about stealing my thunder
Injuries like lobbing off a finger are much easier/quicker to deal with, and don't affect your life anywhere near as much as back/joint problems, arthritis and the like. Anything that cause chronic pain needs everything throwing at it that you can to get it sorted. 'Living with it' isn't an answer.

I am with @ChrispyUK it's well worth a visit to a chiropractor. The stuff the guy I see found that was referred pain and nothing to do with where it hurt was astounding. They'll also refer you for scans etc as required and much quicker than going to see a GP. (y)


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The one time I felt bad about was at a mates barbecue, drink was involved. His daughter was about 3 at the time, and they had a little scottie dog. I got one of the left over cremated sausages and selotaped it on where my finger should be and sat on a deck chair with my hand hanging over the arm. The dog was sniffing about as they do, did a double take when it got to my hand, and then started chomping away at the sausage.

My mate's daughter spotted it, thought the dog was eating me and freaked. His wife went nuts because the daughter wouldn't go near the dog for ages after, banned me from the house because she said I was a twat (fair one tbh) and Alan wasn't happy because he was getting it in the neck. :(

Everyone else who was there or heard about it after thought it was funny, but that just made things worse. It was funny though. :D

4rse end of nowhere down some 'B' road near Stoke Golding I got a puncture in the van. The scissor jack collapsed just as I'd remove the flat and my finger got crushed under the brake drum. As I was on the passenger side in a lay-by even if someone had passed they wouldn't have seen me.

So it was out with the Leatherman, cut through the stringy bits and mushy stuff to free my hand, wrapped it up in a manky cloth and walked to a village to ring a taxi (pre mobile phones).
Faaaaaaaackinel!!!! I'd of just died slowly at side of road like a coward I think!

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come on Danny have a read, I went to see Larry and it did freak me out when I spotted it
Yes it is, and over the years it's been most useful.

For example, I put on rigger gloves and held a steel post whilst an apprentice hit it with a sledgehammer. I let him get a few smacks in, then as he was on the down swing I turned my hand so that the empty glove finger flicked onto the post. The blow cut the finger off the glove and I roared and danced about.

He took one look at the finger on the floor and fainted. :ROFLMAO:
Oh I missed that part