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I use an iPhone 4S (sorry Danny, I know how much you love them..) and can't play embedded videos. I can see them but nothing happens when I try to play them.

I can click on normal links etc. just not vids.

Any idea why?
ive been onto the adobe site and downloaded a few files but cant seem to get the right one
drop me an email i will send you the one that works for me....

if i still have tge setup file on my tablet.

i think its because iphones are shi.t rhys

No, really? AFAIK if you jailbreak them you can access flash but since mine is paid for by our business and is fully insured I'm not touching it (in case the mixer app stops working and I have to fish it out of a bucket of multi)
Mine is supplied by the company I work for and is standard out the box..........:RpS_confused:
Me too my boss bought mine....oh I am the boss :RpS_unsure:
But mines not been messed with either :huh:

Anyway if something doesn't work there's always another way round it,
or you could buy one like Beddys

cheers mate, it works but ill just see how i get on with other sites, i dont normally use the phone for much web browsing though

for the lads that havent got flash installed and cant see the embedded vids. Can you see them if you go to youtube?
ye thats what i was thinking, when i go to open a link it ask if i want to use google, internet ex or youtube so i was just wondering if it was directing me straight to youtube anyway, if you get me
Congratulations Rhys on reaching 1, 000 posts in such a short time. This time next year Spunky watch out! :RpS_thumbup:
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