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defo looking to go away for a while somewhere between now and the end of the year. dont no how long for, so the van will be up for sale. currently 73k, 02 plate, ply lined, will put some pics up when i have time. if any1 wants to make me an offer in the mean time feel free. ritmo is a maybe.
spunky said:
what van is it nick also can you give us the mileage, any service history etc ta

woah woah woah, you didnt even mention the ritmo....are you feelin ok mate?
yeah will let u both no :)

sorry, dunno y i didnt put what van it was ???

its a transit. 73k at the mo. would do it with a new mot etc. service history is full, although last 2 yrs didnt do full services but did oil and filter every yr and has just had new tyres all round bout 2 months ago.
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