Upsetting the other trades

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When I was a kid working with me old man the sparky left his wires sticking out his boxes me dad said leave them in the box and I will clean them leave them out and I will fill them in. So he filled them in and the sparky crossed charged him. on the next houses me dad took the nail out of his capping on a couple of chases and put it back in straight through the wire. Chases had to be chopped out to find the fault and sparky got charged for it. Me old man said u won't fookin cross charge us again.


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Me and my brother are always laughing about how competitive we used to be.
But I laugh more.


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A father and son double tagged a 'tom' on my friends job in North London a decade back,not at the same time of course,five mins or so apart

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Personally I find it's better to work with people and make their work easier rather than harder rather than be a w4nker. If you can only make your work look good or yourself feel better by fcuking someone else's work up you'll eventually come unstuck. :RpS_unsure:


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I tend to clean the boxes out even when the wires have been left out. It looks better and maybe the sparky thinks to himself what a jolly nice chap and i feel very humble now?! :glare:


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I normally leave bottles of my piss in other trades tool bags if they are cocks......................:RpS_thumbsup:


Painter pissed me off this week so i left him this :RpS_sneaky:

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