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Just made phone calls to most of the builders merchants in Southampton no one stocking it yet anyone know of anybody stocking it yet?A friend of mine is a Elliott's rep trying to get a few bags from him will post if I have any luck.
Just popped into Jewsons on my way home and got a couple of bags to have a try with and paid £ 7.80 + Vat a bag. Think its got a recommended trade price of £8 odd on the bag. If you didnt have a trade account , Jewsons were charging £11.65 to joe bloggs
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mutli from magnets £3.40 a bag and we get 5 litres of pva for a fiver there is no way ill be paying almost 12 a bag for that shite
Prob give it a try but it would need to jump out the bag and smooth itself on the wall for me to pay that!!
I only bought it cos it was £ 7.80............fewk paying £11 odd quid..it can muff may ass for that price....................:RpS_thumbup:
Hello all I have been useing it this week and I payed £6.90 a bag. It's ok rock up mixs up and get it on but **** me the first coat goes of like a naffi rock cake so got on to there tec depatment and they was very good talking me round the problems now I know how the beast works it ok stuff but you got to pick your job to use it.
Lay the first coat on ( it will suck back quite quick but not to worry ) allow to pick up flatten of as normal you can you water if needed as its not going to weaken it. Lay on your second coat and repeat. It's a lot finer so it is easy to over trowel it. You get a lovely finish with it. It dose take a bit of time to get used to and time is money so chose your job to give it a go.
Wouldn't recommend, first coat goes off too fast second coat hangs around doesn't save time because hangs about that long quicker to PVA maybe would be better in summer but personally don't like the stuff.
Yeah really good stuff and i want to say this is to much and Just popped into Jewsons on my way home and got a couple of bags to have a try with and paid £ 7.80 + Vat a bag.
Used it for the first yesterday and going to take the remaining bags back to Travis to swap for normal multi. Went off to quick on a medium sized wall so no chance I'm using it on a ceiling.
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