Tyrolean - Mix your own

I have just finished rendering about half the side of my house - Scratch Coat / Top Coat.
I now need to apply a tyrolean finish using a flicker machine (the green one) to match up - could be difficult.
Don't want to use Cullamix or Krend - instead I want to mix my own.

Local plasterer tells me 'use builders (soft) sand - 5 / 1 ratio - with no additives
Just damp down the wall - probably three passes at different angles.

Advice -
1. Is soft / builders sand OK - or should it be sharp sand ?
2. Is the ratio (5 / 1) correct.

I have spent four weeks on this project - I don't want to 'mess it up' at the last stage.
Rendering external walls is hard work - my respect to you guys who do it every day.

Any feedback appreciated.
I do 3:1 ratio, normally use yellow 50/50 or silver sand. Good point about the additives, are you supposed to add waterproofer or Feb? I normally do. Never been entirely sure what consistency to mix it at either, for a light "scat" I normally mix it very wet, but for a heavier finish I mix it stiffer. Also I put a little paddle in a cordless drill and regularly stir the mix before pouring out of the bucket into the scat gun "flicker machine"
we spray our own mix tyrolean the same day that we render using the same mix only a lot wetter.
hopefully you have plenty of lime in your top coat of render as you need high suction so as not to have the tyrolean to run.
do not wet the render before you spray.
we just use the same gear as we top with on the same day so it usual 6:1:1.just wetter.