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ucking turned up for work today and what a day i can tell you. To start of i forgot my usual overalls so had to borrow my mates red ones. Anyway the jobs about 8 lifts high and theres this furry thing on the top of it throwing water butts down. I have to run along each lift wiv me hardhat jumping over all these butts and timing it just right to get up the ladders. Took ages and me misses was up the top dressed in pink


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ive been working for fook all on the plus side the missus bought the kids an xbox360 for Christmas 2 days they'll be board of it then it's mine mwoooar Hoor Hoor


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You think you have had a bad day! I got an eye full of Mono from the gun. Tried to flush it out with water but loads of grit under the eye lids. So taxi straight to the hossi. Lucky for me they have an emergency eye clinic. Took some flushing out and eye and lids scratched to bugger with a bit burnt. I had bits of mono embedded in my Cornea and they had to pick them out. Daft thing is my sprayer had lost his goggles so I lent him mine as I was ruling. Don't think I will be getting much sleep tonight stings like hell and a whopping head ache.


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That's good:RpS_thumbup:

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