Trainee looking for work experience, willing to work for free. West Midlands.

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Hi there, I'm Rob and I'm 22. I am desperately seeking experience in the trade, I'm currently attending college 2 days a week, have my own van and tools as well as CSCS card. I'm more than willing to work for free, as knowledge and experience is priceless! I'm based in Walsall, Birmingham, 5 minutes from junction 7 of the M6. If you can help me out, or know anybody that might be interested I'd really appreciate it.

My email address is
and mobile number 07787403167


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Rob id take you on tomorrow if you were local I'm in Bristol though good luck mate keep looking and ring around local lads go through the local rags yellow pages etc, you might have to work for 1 or 2 different lads to keep you going to start off with but at least you get to se how there both doing it
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