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Great site keep the good work up.
ok a little about myself.
name Lee.
just completed 10 weeks evenings at reading college rendering/plastering.
and I got to say I loved it.
in the process of purchasing my tools.
I live in Binfield Nr reading/Maidenhead,
when I completed my course I was working for a transport company,
My plan was to get some work on my days off to build up my confidence and skills.
to my horror I was made redundant.
This plan is now out the window and I find my self going in the deep end looking for F/T work.
I am a hard worker and willing to listen and learn.
have my own transport.
forgive me on my typing,
wasn't built for typing :rolleyes)

If you require any more info plz pop me an E-mail.

Welcome to forum I would ring every plasterer local to you and maybe someone willing to give you a go good luck :RpS_thumbup:
Welcome along Lee :RpS_thumbsup: Nice intro , best of luck bud. Stick around, someone in your area may be on soon enough
Not open for further replies.