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Toolstation now on top cashback. Just click the link to toolstation on the top cashback site for 6% back. Screwfix is 2% and wickes is 1.6%

Click and collect only..
I use app on phone but TCB website works the same to redirect you to merchant.

@Danny This correct place to post?

I will check that site out thanks :D


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I just bought impact drill online and got £10.50 cashback from quidco buying from Powertool World. Small saving but worth the little effort. Just done a small click and collect from wickes and got my normal 10% off plus 37p cashback with Top cashback. Buy an island soon


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40p back from eBay now...I’m rich!


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With top cash back they will take £5 (per year) for the premium plan which you are on. You can opt out for the free plan but you get higher rate and offers and you only pay from your credit.

Quidco is £1 a month.. I'm sticking with top cashback and happy to pay £5. Its free money for not really donig anything and I got £10.50 bank for a dewalt drill