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as for bricklaying cant be asked with it no more im going back in to plastering so iv now got all my kit for sale
new 9"hitachi grinder
stablia level 4ft / 2ft
wooden hadle marshalltown trowel
new marsalltown durasoft trowel
marshalltown gear
new brick hammer
new bolster
new club hammer
marsalltown string lines pink new
string line pins and corner blocks
dewalt carry bag
fesco brick mate tape
flexi tape
quick grip clamps +2
wall tyes
new roll of dpc
pointing trowel
and loads more
brick hod

thort id ask here too
£100 pluss P&P
im open to offers
i know its a plasterers form but some of the guys do uther stuff too


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If you're serious about plastering can I suggest that you keep the following:
4ft level, bolster, club hammer, string lines & pins, both tapes, pointing trowel, brick hod and shovels.
You will use all of these if plastering long term.


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I gave my muck hod away 5 years ago when i whent to Spain, hope i never see another one again. Thats lot is worth every penny.
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