To Stucco or not to Stucco?

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Hi all,

I am new to the forum so please be gentle!

We have just purchased a 1830's regency property that, externally, was originally smooth Stucco render but at some point has been rough cast, presumably to cover up the cracks!

We are doubling the size of the house and have number of options:

1/ Strip off the rough cast and re-stucco the original building and then Stucco the extension.

2/ Repair the rough cast on the original building and roughcast the new extension

We are doing most of the work ourselves and need advice.

Presumably, the house was originally lime washed to allow it to breathe, but has been painted in modern paint since.

If anyone could give us an idea of which way to go, or fancy coming to have a look if you are local, we would be extremely grateful.

We are in West end, southampton.

Impartial advise is really appreciated.


tricky one!stucco is prone to crazing and crackage!depends on personal taste and movement in building
roughcast coming back in fashion:RpS_scared:
I always like to see buildings back to original look. Although i dont stucco, if you need help with any other render or plaster we are down the road in portsmouth

Hi all,

Thanks so much for all your replies! I would like to remove the roughcast as I really don't think it is original. But… funds are tight. Is it something an amateur can make a decent job of? We do our own internal plastering but have never tried any external rendering before.
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