Timings streaks

So I put on with a 14 Marshall town I then flatten with a 1200 speedskim then tidy up with my 18 my.

Bosh a tight second coat on then flatten off with 18 and let that all start firming up then I start to use the plastic.

The trick with the plastic is to use it 1 less than you think.

Mine dont shine up at all. Flat and Matt

Also I lay on neat so I dont really need to flatten in between coats but I do it purely because I have always done it and get consistent results
Nice one. So if you lay neat really waste of time speedskim. Only time I use speed skim if it through it on trowel marks everywhere
I do rate them but use it less and less. Only ever used it on lids. Now only big lids
And even then only on first coat for me, for a quick flatten before mixing the second. Flogged mine a while ago. Pointless on walls as can't see the point of having to clean another tool to save a few seconds flattening