Tiling on screed

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i laid a screed floor on Saturday and want to tile it ASAP.
Do I need to wait till fully cured or is there a adhesive I can use before its dry?


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im not aware of any type of special adhesive and have always advised the customer of the typical 10mm per week drying time,it would be handy to be able to cut down the time you have to wait to tile though.
Is it conventional and did you use Contopp?
Perhaps stormtrooper will come back and answer this one.
For me i always wait till fully cured or moisture from floor will lift tiles.


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should be dry before you tile ( drys at 1mm a day ) some say you can tile while still green with a flexible adhesive but ive never seen this done
I have seen the pattern of the adhesive come through tiles before so I wouldn't rush it bobby.


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Personally I would use a flexible adhesive which will allow for some movement as the screed drys out.
Maybe larry or herbie could confirm.


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i did not want to wait and i tiled our conservatory the next day. a 100mm screed and no problems .
years ago we would lay a wet screed and the tiler would be keeping up with us laying the tiles. no adhesive just pressed into the screed.


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Cheers for the input.
A mate has just told me will be ok after a week with bal flexible gear.he has done it loads of times with no problems to date.


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BAL Green Screed Adhesive. Or use a decoupling membrane. if there is underfloor heating dont tile until that has been commissioned and run either way. Dont force dry it you will turn it into crazy paving.
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