Thistle pro finish.

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If you do use a fresh mix for the 2nd coat, make sure the 1st is really flat. Any trowel lines will grin through to the 2nd and you can’t trowel them out. Also you’ve got to be sharp and make sure the 1st doesn’t set before you get the 2nd on
That sounds about right, buddy. As long as it no bigger than a bog lid
I put some on I reckon it was about 3 boards . Including g round doors . I find I can put 2 3rds of a bag on wash bucket flatten mix next 3rd and put second coat on. Then you need to get on it . I also did 4 plaster boards then went on it with same mix (it's behind cupboards so was experimenting) was on top of it all time but you can't go for a brew lol. Think once you used it a few times you get jist of speed . I.m gonna get some for mine so I can do small sets on a evening on my gaff.
@The Apprentice instead if jelly beans can ye hook me up with a bag of magnetic mate ,buddy ........Pal