thin coat system bonanza

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roll up roll up...... FOR SALE

3 tubs twilight grey dryvit 1.5mm silicone texture including primer to suit (big n30kg buckets)

2 tubs off white (grey tinge) parex acrylic including primer (big 30kg buckets)

cream/ivory 1 and half silicone based wetherby (normal tub)
1 and half parex tan/g20 (big tubs) this lot could be mixed together to make a bigger job but colours just slightly differ so would all need mixing in a big rhino tub together

various dryvit colours in the 1.5mm signal red and signal orange, would make nice experiment

loads of tubs Dryvit adeps adhesive = this is used solely to adhere eps to timber.

one tub of dryvit weatherlastic adobe render finish in an off white, this is a smooth, flat finishing product very thin.

20 lengths of protektors 50mm starter track/base profile for thermal systems
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