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this is my second posting of this and think this is maybe the best place this time,
thermocromex lime render is a pre pre bagged pre coloured lime render
the product sheet says it can be pumped with a plastering machine
has anyone used thermocromex and more so have you used a machine for it
i was sure I used this before through my old quattro and the material was from st astier, it is now pre coloured in fife and my G4 wont budge it
any info would be great
never used that one ...done loads of mono st astier and intercromex which have sprayed fine...

who is precolouring it in fife?
this material sprayed no problem through the standard G5 with a D6-3 R&S, floor screed shaft worked the best, and also a diesel geni (20kva). would consider changing the float to the alloy one for better control, water was approx 225lts,
dont think there should be any issues with the G5, G4, or Ritmo
we are to carry out further trials with this material, ie height and distances, back pressure etc etc, will post hese results after the trials
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