The normal stuff that's available


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I have found that normal bonding is setting much faster than it did before ,it's been brilliant on a refurb that I'm on ,ready to skim in an hour or so ,delighted that I bought it in place of bonding 60 which is great but expensive ,
Used two pallets of board recently ,it was lovely gear ,using multi this week and again it has been a pleasure to work with ,it's finishing up nicely ,I have had bad multi before and it difficult to get the finish that you like and are happy to say ,that's my work
If BG get the simple things right ,the new materials won't be so popular , pure is very sellable due to the health benefits for the occupants ,dura I can't or won't try to sell ,unifinish I like it to be honest but I don't want a pallet of it , I want a product I can walk in and buy off the shelf , otherwise I'll just pva and carry on like I have over the last 30 years
On patching put a halftime in your bonding, flash sets and ready to skim in 30 mins