That wall has to be bang on.. I


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...says the client to me.

.". because of the natural light and it a focal part of the room."

...."No problem'" says I "I've done this before"


So I skims it like you do .popped back next week for a wee gander and they've done this..


There we are then


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You know, time goes on I find myself liking looking at plastering a lot more than I like doing it.........
A1 job there @Olican ............given time there’s a career in this for
I’d have been out the door after the first “bang on” speech.......pffft.


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"oh and the atrium has to be bang on, we're having TV screens in the ceiling"
Sigh! "Of course whatever you say"

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"Right you are then"
I knew a guy years ago when working with a firm, he was rank rotten at plastering. A job came up and met with manager on a new job. Manager says guys this job has to be bang on. The other guy says we'll we need paying more if its to be bang on.
Pmsl, wtf