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If there is anyone who wants a couple of weeks teaming up with a couple of our lads for external render in Watchet. Cement boarding first and then spraying it. No experience needed just hard working. Email me paulrob2808@gmail.com
Yes mate . Your be helping the lads screw the boards up and then meshing etc. Where are you based as if your good and keen there might be full time work
Email mate if your interested
I used to run a machine done a bit of meshing with hpx base never put the boards up im in Weston 40 min away on train if that any good !
Sorry mate been rapped up in things but did reply to you email . I was saying I like the commitment but it's a nightmare having to go into Taunton and weston is a good hour from me and then Andover is another hour. Watchet is only a couple of weeks . If you had transport I could consider it but it can end up a nightmare when someone has to rely on public transport to get places.
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