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I haven't but was going to get some to try. Parex wants more to delivery it than itcosts so I am going to give it a miss. Parex reckons it only re***ds the 'open' time not the initial set so it might not be worth it.

Found an alternative used in the concrete industry but got to trial it yet. Lot cheaper than Parex and goes further.
How much did they quote you rigsby? I had a chat with our local rep and he didn't have any info on it, just goes to show how much it's used
I have forgot but Parex has 6 tubs in which is rare. Why ot couldn't be put on the merchants next delivery I don't know but I aint paying the pallet charge for an experiment.

The other stuff I havn't got yet as it will be cheaper to get it on a pallet with their accelerator. But got a quantity of accelerator to use up yet.
You'll struggle to get it here as its not designed to be used in temps below 20c it modifies the cements hydration in mono, concrete etc.
It's designed for warmer climates, but for the record it's around 40 quid a tub 20 litres if I recall, from there list.
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