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Hi All,

Just joined up to gather some extra info>>>>>

Just bought a former stone coach house 160 odd years of age, and the house does have a issue with damp. Anyway local chap has recently quoted me & recommends a Newton Lathe system.

Can anyone advise me on this

yer the misses came back early and nearly caught me the other day ...oh tanking got to get my eyes tested !!! yer i,m with the lime render ,allows the walls to breathhhhhhh and out .:RpS_wink:
Thanks for the replies.... Even the funny one :RpS_thumbup:

Defo cannot dig out as the back of the house runs along a rural lane on a bank. Its a lower elevation from the front & the Damp is showing on the interior walls that's technically under ground level from the rear.

Does not smell of Damp inside so my Quote entails Remove all plaster from ground floors and remove rubble, Tank walls floor to ceiling £5600 plus VAT.
Im thinking of hiring a Damp meter myself and checking out the readings, but im being told that's its better getting a pro company in rather than having a go myself??
The trouble is the ground water pressure, if you are below ground you need to do it right.
Well you need to tank it but you need to identify the areas where the damp is first then you can start on a spec.

what type of floor is it ?
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