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You want the latest marshaltown ones, massively better than the first design. Much more comfy and easier to walk on, look like they've got little blue feet on the bottom connected to one short dumpy red spring.

Around 7 years ago I tripped on my stilts, landed on the spot board which was loaded and flipped. Multifinish all over the guys fitted kitchen and fridge, 5 mins later the houseowner walks in. Ooooops! Don't let that put you off, I wouldn't be without them.
No...........THERE NOT!!!

I love them so much I have two pairs, one pair for legs and one for my hands, makes me feel like the monkeys from the wizard of oz film.
Oasis wears them so they must be. only person I've seen wear stilts and still do a 2ft sweep of the trowel lol.I've had cheapo ebay stilts for about 6-7yrs now and they're great. Use them at least 2 twice a week. They're no more dangerous than tressles and planks. You can still fall off them. You just need to be careful. Keep unnecessary s**t off the deck like spare buckets, leads etc.I've only ever fallen off mine once and it was just because my foot got caught in a dust sheet. Sods law an hour earlier my mate said 'you ever fallen off them?' 'no mate, never...' Oh and as others have said, IF you do fall. The first thing you do is throw that trowel as far away as you can on your way down.
my workmate fell off his on site a few yrs back. cut his tendons in his wrist with his trowel. it was someone elses fault. he got 60k!! dont ever chuck ur trowel when falling. make an effort to land on it
i`ve had a pair of dura-stilts for 25 years now and they are still going strong ,they`ve had a few new straps and rubber feet as you would expect but they are cheep enough to replace . i wouldn`t be without em
i have a set of skywalker stilts cost me £200 from screwfix.... best money i have spent, there comfy and extreamly easy to use! i would recommend them to all plasterers!
hi guys, new on here jst thoyght id say hi and couldnt live without my stilts makes life so much easyer. NPS id allways used durastilt untill about 4 years ago when my m8 bought a load of cheap stilts off ebay i bought a couple of sets (differentt sizees) off him. payed £60 a set for em and theyre still goin strong 2day
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