stabilising a shagged out concrete floor

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Got a small floor to screed but the newly laid concrete looks like the cement was guaged with a spoon not a shovel and as a result just brushes away how would u guys stabalise this before screeding would a 1.1 sand cement and sbr slurry be enough then screed when tacky.
Ive never seen such a badly laid new floor. Its also so far away from being flat its unreal ive seen less waves at a mexican football game
Ta muchly
no slurry then??, i was goin to spray it down first then try stabilise it then screed it.
the slab if faacked though it looks like hes bought in a barra of concrete tiped it out pushed it about with his foot then said thatll do, its got to be 6 inches thick to get up to the threshold :RpS_scared: then up at the far end drops down to about 2 or 3 inches
hmmm choices choices, what one will work better do we reckon guys never had to stabilise the base before but then ive never screeded a floor that was laid by a blaady caant. but in all honesty guys i know it needs stabilising just wondering what will do it the best like i said its so soft im afraid to sneeze in there
If it's just the surface that's dusty then sweep up stabilise and screed. If it's really fecked then suggest either screeding over a membrane or taking the concrete up and redoing it.
i dnt think he will take it up all the electrics are run on top of the slab already, i like the idea of the membrane though andy, i just wassnt sure if a nice slurry coat would stiffen it up enough to take the screed.
i did look if i could get another layer of insulation over it first and although i have the depth to allow it the floor is so wavey the insulation would just be rocking all over the place
Could you mech fix chicken wire, or modern equivelnt.Or go with Andy`s or Lucious advise.If its 2 dusty slurry may not be enough.
You can level the floor up with screed then bed the insulation onto it then screed on top if you have the depth done it often on consevatories where we have left the original patio base down as it was substantial enough.
right how about to use stabiliser to sort the dust out then a slurry over it to stiffen it up a bit then screed
Use a dustproofer and screed over, but ask the dustproofers' teccies if it's ok to screed onto, especially if you've only got a couple of inches in places :RpS_thumbup:
will this be enough to stiffen up the face of the concrete to take 6 inches of screed? (in places:rolleyes)).
i gave it a sweep today and managed to fill up an empty multi bag with the concrete that just swept away haha
will this be enough to stiffen up the face of the concrete to take 6 inches of screed? (in places:rolleyes)).
i gave it a sweep today and managed to fill up an empty multi bag with the concrete that just swept away haha

Fkinell!!! :RpS_scared:

Add some water and pour it back over :RpS_lol:

I think I would be seeking advice on site marra :RpS_thumbup:
yeah i will just making sure i was on the right track.
on site?? on site hahaha you do make me laff sometimes hes built this large extension him self haha everythings shite floors faacked brickworks all over the place to the point you could climb up it if you want, the roof felt is all flappy with hoooooge gapeing gaps in it windows are 2 inches out of level top to bottom.
i skimmed the walls monday and finished today, he dabed the boards and i dnt think i found a single board that wassnt moving and knocking against the dabs its not actually touching haha
Whats the minimum depth you have and is the insulation already in under the oversite concrete.
yeah insulation is in already under the slab and the minumum depth i have is about 3 inches
just wanted to know the best of the other options andy that is all:RpS_wink:
Fcuked of with this forum sometimes just spent a lot of time answering this thread then tells me i cant do it but ime still logged in, had to log out and log in again just to post this cant be arsed to go through it again, Jay do what Andy says you might not need the membrane as it should be under the insulation, thats the way i do it anyway.
Wheres this job JAY? Is it for a chocolado? i can have a look if you want if its local, JJ ime a proper miserable cnt this week just had 2 days of sick first time in over 30 years got Euro flu apperantly my fecking eyes are bleeding and feel like ive been run over by a bus
jesus andy you can stay the fcuk away from me then haha jobs in finchley mate its ok, ive got to go up there to do the bathroom next week anyway so ill have a more in detailed look at the slab and see what the crack is with it if i think i can get over it with a dust proofer or stabiliser i will failing that ill lay the membrane down, i was just looking for ideas really plus i was interested to see if a slurry would bind it enough, but its ok got plenty of options.
its a bit of a barst really cos its only 11m2 if im being generous and runs out all over dnt know how such a small area could be poured sooo wrong.
cheers for the help guys:RpS_thumbup:

andyessex calm it kermit haha:RpS_wink:
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