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So heres a quick video of the Ritmo L being used to apply the internal render coat to block. The block is a thermalite type block with medium suction.
We sprayed a quick pass to kill the initial suction the a pass to rule off.
quick 2nd rule and then float it.
The team was 1 apprentice spraying & dropping back to trowel first pass if needed, clean up etc,etc. The 2nd apprentice was loading the machine, final cleaning & improving on my floating. My job was ruling,floating and running the show.
Started spraying at 9 and left site at 4.30. used 95 bags did 105 mts. had about 1 bag of waste all told. That was upstairs walls. Next we got the ground floor with 4 walls per room and concrete block.
We cleaned the machine out once at the end of the day.

Any Ritmo can be used for this 110v or 240v

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Thats an ABS diamond float, used it for hardwall for years the size of it means less chance of digging in and you cover area quicker. they don't need wearing in either.
Thats bg spray finish on all the finished walls, the boys are only just starting to learn skimming so i give them a wall/ceiling each to lay on every set on board which we have done by hand. TBH the boards weren't the best with broken bits and screw heads. I may spray the rest .

cost is 3.75 a bag and it looks like i will get 1m2 + i need to finish all the walls to be more acurate.
blones, i see youve got one of those knocking up boards under the ritmo. thats what i used to do. saves a tonne of mess

how far are you pumping the water from the barrell to the machine?
im using the 10mtr water pipe supplied with the ritmo
i keep the water pump seperate from the machine. it saves room by the ritmo and keeps it clean
use that board inside nik all time now if we remember it. useful for adjusting the mix
didnt have any lumps in the bags.
Used 80 bags today on 102m2 going over a mixture of concrete blocks and thermalite things. I took the doors out but not the windows of the measure so about 1.3 mts a bag The gear cant take much thickness on conc block and takes a while longer to get ready for floating which is a pain with one half the room drying quick and the other half to wet to touch. Its hard graft but thats only because the 2 boys are learning so i can see it improving as we go along.
once blones vid has finished, look at the video link with a bag sitting on the top of the ritmo hopper. its in french, so no idea what theyre on about. and never seen it before. has anyone got any ideas?
Nice Blones. As per usual 100% professionalism and so much enthusiasm to share to share with us. Nice to see to see you have apprentices, good on you.
Andy there were'nt lumps of CPI mixed,it was more like the sand had collected in the hose.we had to stop spraying and clean the hose out.!!
What reps is everyone using. They are a fkucing nuisanse to contact. you cant order direct they tell you to use a rep. Then the rep whoever it is goes straight to answer phone and never call you back and repeat the process many times.
Are there any good reps
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