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Unless the ******* pikeys break in and rip all the electric cable out through all the board your due to skim on, wankers :RpS_thumbdn:
Its the 7th time they have done it to the site! they done it twice while we have been there.
They now have 2 russian blokes as night guards, they tried again the other night and on the site cam u can see one of the chasing after them with a big machette :RpS_laugh:

Think the sites insurance pays for it, 70-80 grand they reckon to fix it.

The cheques keep coming for us to fix everything and we are up tight on payments so it just extra work in the long run, but its held us up for a couple of weeks. It was more gutting this time as over the bank holiday they had more time and actually went in to finished flats and pulled them through then cut them. All the ceilings are going to have to come down and one side of every wall. Its all double tacked aswell!
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A good trick someone on here told me about is to mix up 2.5 bags lay on 25-30 m but remix what's left over when you've finished first coating slightly wetter and use that
Same gear so it goes off quick but nicer to lay on and wetter
It was Danny Mac who told me about mixing ya gear up again before laying in........think it was on a tiger stripe thread and ive done it ever since and not a tiger stripe or streaky bacon in sight.........we love you Danny Mac..........:RpS_wub:
I think the gear must have changed......

I knock the gear up quite a bit nowadays for laying down, but when I used to try it years ago the stuff would go solid pretty quickly after wetting it up....
I have been known to put it on thicker than most people even with both coats, still going on the theory 2nd laying coat use half as much as 1st coat. I also when putting always stick to a uniform method and not putting on all directions like diagonally, as I have seen some people, i keep to a uniform method and always try to keep it flat throughout not just slashing it on. i concentrate more on the second and I find that my second coat is really easy to flatten in as it takes very little work to do. But as said previous maybe I am putting on too thick but I have never been snagged.
on ceilings when putting on I choose a 1 direction way to put on and flatten down and lay in that same way, but then flatten and trowel up the other way criss crossing the ceiling, when doing this on my stilts the 2nd flatten down and trowelling up I walk over the whole ceiling not pulling it like the conventional method. This way I find the combination of laying reasonably flat and flattening and trowelling up is much quicker therefore I have more time on my hands to the point that I can get a bigger hit on. I never have a labourer and I can do up to 60m on ceiling or walls or both.

Putting on such large hits tho does mean that when people say maybe wait a lil longer before using the spat makes me nervous as waiting longer obviously means i have a bigger hit to get over if everything goes wrong.
A general hit takes me between 3 to 3and a half hour,the time broken up is in the first 45 minutes I have first coat on and sometimes flattened down, by the next 45 mins I have knocked up and layed in second coat, then 30 mins to flatten down again, then an hour to give 2 -3 trowels, and then 15 mins dry trowelling . On average entire hit 3 hours 15 mins, this is of course on boardwork other backgrounds times maybe different but I still try to stick to the same routine as close as i can. If I am doing a house or a room I do try to get walls on with the ceilings, coz I use stilts i get the ceiling on then the top of the walls usually 2-3 bands down( band being a trowel length) across the top of the wall, then jump off my stilts and get the bottoms on using one stroke from bottom to my last band from at the top of the wall. Coz I have the walls with the ceiling on I can run the internal across the ceiling.

All my Hits I try to minimise mixing down to twice once for first coat and second for laying in, this means that I have to roughly know how much i need in the first place and get enough for first coat on in the first mix. For big hits I use a tub that can get 3-4 bags in for 1st coat( yes just for 1st coat) I shovel it on the board or if I am struggling for space and in the right mood I scoop out of bucket. All this and still I am always on my own mixing up and laying on.

m8 are u mixin 4 bags of finish at a time on yur tod. way no lab.
hi. i would say 90% of my work is skimming over artex, its all pipes, sockets,skirtings on ect. without using speedskim it looks pretty cool but i am thinking its only good on new build/big areas. waddya think? cheers mate
Welcome Rob. You can get em at 600mm now you know!

I'd still use my 1200 on artex reskims. Horses for courses. Love em or hate em.
I love em...
Haven't had mine out the van in months. Got it out today and its warped. It still flattens the same Tried using it once more and its confirmed my suspisions. It doesn't work for me so Its going in the skip. Unless anyone wants it for free.
i was sent some new ones the other day cos mine warped and i diddnt get on with my old one but i used these new ones yesterday and i actually got on really well with them:RpS_thumbup: i dnt know if they have changed anything but i could not use the old one (from before they officially launched) and the new ones turned up and they were mustard all day so ill have to give them another go
Brought a 1200 speed skim was flattening first coat and 1 st troweling the second coat I thought it was brilliant like troweling it twice but 3 times as fast but only problem I found was square corners leaving lines was thinking about putting a round on it to sort it any one else done this?
ive not much call for one but just a couple of Q's is it faster and how do you get the corners good
as i said before ian i diddnt get on with the old model and i had rounded off the corners but the new ones they sent me i havent rounded off the corners and i got on with then just fine mate but i would say iff they leave a few lines behind i diddnt worry about them because i have only used them when im sponge floating so the sponge takes out any imperfections that were left, flattening out was takeing no time at all had plenty of time to get another hit on inbetween although i diddnt cos i cuddnt be arsed haha, start to finish each set hour and a half speedskim and sponge:RpS_wink:
Yeah I sanded my corners down. They need breaking in like owt else. Corners are all good if you speedskim as soon as you've got it on.
I really cant wait for the pole attachment....even if I have to climb up and sort out my angles it's still quicker than trowelling the whole lot....and you can lay it down immediately.
Yer think I will round the corners then, pole would be quality for ceilings, I have never used a sponge unless doing cottages to be honest lol
will be getting one very soon...once used to flatten down the 2nd coat, do u still wet and dry trowel with a steel as normal or does it leave the finish nice just with the speedskim...these spats on the pole look the business for ceilings..so am i correct in saying the speedskims can be attached to a pole also??
Got to be completely honest if I had to choose between a speedskim and a super flex I would choose the super flex all day long
You mean spat or trowel beddy?

Speedskims come into their own when flattening as the ridges re-distribute the plaster, automatically filling any voids as you go. Great on hardwall :RpS_drool:
Thats it.
I use me speedskim for a very quick flatten, then the spat as a wet trowel before plazzy. Got a 600 and a 1200 in both spats and speedskims.
Not the same for me. When I flatten with the spat it looks like greasy bumpy fat. On multi that is.
Each to their own eh.
we are also working on some more of our own,

hope this helped though! give me a shout if you want any more info
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