SPEEDSKIM® – Thanks Plasterers News!

It does seem just yesterday that Speedskim was first launched into the market place. At first Plasterers were very sceptical of the new product and its claims in terms of wellbeing and increased output… Well, 5 years on and it’s a completely different storey –Plasterers all around the UK have embraced the Speedskim System™ and are totally enjoying its benefits!


SPEEDSKIM® – Thanks Plasterers News!
Always loved the speedskim :D from day 1 :D

Great company as well which helps :D
Hi Danny, I’ve just bought the ST speedskim 900 with the stainless blade, can it be used for flattening like the blue plastic or is it just used for finishing?
New marketing....

"Got a t**t of a customer? Need to get through nine days of work in five days? Speed skim and nela, getting you through the tough times rapid!"