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Hi new to the forum and plastering.

I would like to learn how to plaster and not to sure where to start. I work full time so if I did a course it would have to be in the evening or at weekends.

I live in south Manchester and was looking at a course based in Stockport. 4 day course for £300, would this be a good place to start?
Has anybody done a course like this?

Any advice would be great



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I'd forget about wasting money on a 3 day course and try and get work labouring with a plasterer or a plastering firm. You will then learn about the materials you use and the consistencies the should be at. You will also be able to see how things are done by watching the tradesmen. Before you know it you will have a trowel in your hand and plastering a cupboard or something hidden. That's where I started anyway.


yes it would be a good place to start, if you work full time you are not going to be able to go with or watch any plasterers at work.
but please do not think this 4 day course will make you into a plasterer.
it will give you some of the basics and a good idea if you will be suited to the trade.
once you have done the 4 days you should be able to tackle some basic walls at home or for family and friends, you can then build on this experience to improve you skill level
some people can progress quite quickly after a short course like this and some can't, the only way to find out is have a go.
good luck.


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Jesus a course is better than a book. How do u lesrn to plaster from a book? Get sent to jail and do a course there


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A 4 day course would be a waste of money... when will these course providers stop conning the public, after 4 days, you might be able to mix properly and thats it.. and if as advised after this course you will be able to plaster '' friends houses '' they wont be your friend after you finish mate.... if you do want to become a plasterer, do it properly, get a job labouring and pack your job in....


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A short course in anything isn't enough I always think what do you do now? Would 3 days in a classroom get you any good at that? As said get some on job experience labouring with a plasterer you get to see what the job actually entails. We had some apprentices who had done a year at college and had skimmed once... The rest of it was rendering with sand and lime the on site experience was invaluable to them. Best off getting the experience then doing a course and finding your self leaving someone with a bad finish.
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