Small holes appeared in top coat render

Hi guys new hear would like to say hi to you all and introduce myself my names george from north wales.

Any way rendered a chimney scratch went on well no probs.. 4/1 mix...yesterday 5/1 topcoat float finished..any how the bloody sun and wind came out behind the clouds and burned all afternoon.. seemed to set ok after cheaking last night..then this morn i looked at the work and notied 3 dark patches..went up and there were 3 little hollows in the render..surface seemed hard enough., but while i inserted a finger and circular motion it i could go deeper and deeper into it...allthough it seems hard whats the cause of this, noticed a corner like this to and i could scratch away at it and it crumbled.. has the direct sun caused this?
Could be a lot of clay in the sand. Or it could be cat s**t. Was it loose or bagged?
Ton bag from huws gray, worth me taking it all off you rekon or just fill the voids up? It seems hard to press on it solid infact


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It was a problem on internal sand and cement when you skimmed it . The next day you would get dark patches that were soft so you had to dig out the s**t and patch the holes left.........fooking cats Grrrrrrrr
They werent there last night, this morning i noticed them all 3 little hollows right next to each other. I put my finger in each one circular motion and went quite away into the coat and hit a solid patch i could go no more, one corner part was crumbly in 1 spot but all other parts and 3faces solid, worth redoing or just try and patch it? Cheers for the responce guys, plus its all still hanging there after this big downpour if it was exposure to sun/ premature curing would the rain wind take it off alone? Regards george