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Is that on your phone? Has it always been slow?

I am working on a mobile version which should be ready in a couple of weeks :)

The server we are running is producing load times of less than a second...... so for me at home its opening mega quick.....
Ok I will have a look into it but if other members are not experiencing it I am un sure what I can do... I cant replicate it my self yet

Leave it with me
foergot to add that after i post a message then go back to the list of threads my post doesnt show as being posted but it has and sometimes a thread will show say a last posters name but there are more posts when i open the thread

sounds like a browser caching problem....

If you start a thread and then click new posts it wont show in there as it it should be called "last posts that you have not yet read"

Rocky I have been racking my brains as to why its running slow for you.... I have posted on other forums and opened a support ticket with the forum software creators as I have know idea

I have not been told of anybody else having speed issues... I will update you if I come up with anything

same for me been like this very slow for the last few months ...just never bothered complaining.....every page klik takes about 30 seconds
so 3 months later still having the same issues
heres my speed test ,configured to a server in milton keynes from the west coast of canada

I have no other problems with any other site ...would love to be able to read this one ....but cant get through more then 2 posts without getting pissed and exiting....there must be something wrong somewhere
heh kinda interesting...firefox is my browser of choice I friggen hate internet explorer......but using a govenrment website over here I had to install I just tried the plasterers forum link with explorer ...and it opened in a blink of an eye....go figure ....
your forum hates firefox...;P
Ill go cruise around with IE and see what happens
well it is kinda strange ....although it isnt the fastest still with IE makes it bearable .....I guess I just read it with IE till I figure something elase out
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