I can get a small room on in one go and twitch all the angles in. I’m not a full time plastered but I’ve pushed myself to get better with wet angles.

As long as you’ve prepped it properly then you should be ok.

I know my limits though, so on a big room, I’ll do opposites.

I may be wrong, but I reckon doing wet corners leaves a better job as long as the prep is good.

Waffle blah waffle
Doing opposites leaves a sharper, crisper internal than any twitcher/internal trowel can.
Hi everyone ,

I’ve seen a lot of videos on tic toc of plasterer’s skimming a full room in one hit.

I’ve was always learnt to do 2 walls opposite and let dry and and then the next set do the opposite.

Does anyone here do the full room without the edges drying if so what’s your method on the corners turning out well and straight? What tools do you use to get that nice straight line?
Ive never seen anyone use one of these, described as a corner trowel.
No there was the rigid type, just an opposite of the external trowels Malc. My old man still has an ancient one of those as well.

that internal trowel was later. I would guess late 60s early 70s. a better tool altogether. you could purchase them with different size angles. the pencil was the most popular.
I did have a small bullnose one for a couple of weeks. the carpenters could not fit their skirting boards to the shape. a set of window angles looked like an old style television screen. tyzak also had an external to match both types.
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