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Aye it's changing all the time, supposed to be heavy rain most of today, woke up and checked met office this morning and it was rain till ten then sunshine!


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hi all

im new to this forum, im not a plasterer but a floor layer i too use the 75ltr bucket for mixing screed in a itools mixing station, what do you guys think of the refina 75ltr buckets?
i think they are great but like alot of you im not paying £60+ for a mixing bucket, my dilema is i need about 10 of the 75ltr buckets for a upcoming job in the new year, im in contact with a company that manufactors the same spec bucket which is identical to the but to get them at a good price i have to buy in bulk.
Would plasterers be interested in 75ltr bucket at around £25? i can get the smaller 50ltr bucket but have no prices at the moment.
comments are appreciated
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