Skimmed wall not drying


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Busy with renovations and found bedroom wall had leak after walls had been skimmed.

Noticed cracks outside. These were chased and plastered and inside was done as well. It’s a weather facing wall.

It’s now the fourth day, and area of wall is not drying completely even though we have very hot days. It’s been looking like this for the last two days.

Earlier skimming of house walls only took 3 days to dry.


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If the wall had water leaking into it, are you seriously surprised that it's not dry after just 4 days?

Why would you try to plaster it (or fill it) before it's had at least a couple of weeks to dry, first?

I'm assuming that's filler on the wall. It needs a lot more, but not until you've allowed the wall a decent amount of time to dry.