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I've got 3 bags of board finish out of date the 22nd may and half a bag of bonding don't know the date can't be asked to get up and look in the van,all yours for £200 quid

Chris W

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cant find plaster anywere. this country is a joke
what you wanna do mate is f**k off to france...
youll find you cant get multi anywhere in the bricomarche...
so what you do is buy this machine plaster they do a long and short set... buy the long set
then what ypou do is lash a full room on...
get a 10 litre garden water sprayer..
spray a wall up
sponge the f**k out of it
trowel the fat up
keep doing that
get paid
f**k off
when they stick a thumbnail into it and leave an impression tell em thats what european finish is like and tough s**t