Shocking Ritmo

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Start getting electric shocks from my machine on the hopper and the metal parts of the hose. Checked the earth leads that I can see and they are secure. Anyone else has problems like this?


Love Arti Xxxxxxxx
just this week arti when holding the gun and touching the render i had slight shocks, was taking the power froma garage socket that had not been earthed !
cheak your power supply mate
My lab and other spread got shocks off ours this week. I didn't but I wear latex gloves under normal gloves.
When I was having shocks off the ritmo it was because electrician hadn't put earth stake in yet on the temporary sockets
Sparks again, s**t in a empty render bag and leave it in the front of his van.
which bag is best ??................LAC, PRAL or Rendaid

Might see if i can squeeze a few turds into a new light fitting, screw it back up and lob it in his van
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