Screeding over hardcore ?

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Well a lad asked me to screed a couple of floors but when I went for a look they are just blinded with inch screenings , not even whacked ! No subfloor . I do very little screeding and never screeded over the like of this . Can it be done this way or will it sag and crack after ? What is the right way to tackle a job like this ? Thanks
I cant really pass as its for a small builder that I get bits and pieces of work off all throughout the year and he is a good payer . I reckon he went too tight on this job and is saving a few pound by not putting in a sub floor . If I can help him out and do something for him this way I will but I dont want the floor going to sh1te either after . Is there a way of doing a solid floor here without a subfloor ?
Definitely get a whacker, could you do a wet concrete floor and trowel it, perhaps put a mesh in it it,what's the depth .?
The concrete is a plan alright , there is about 100mm depth . I would get it troweled good enough for tiling Im sure .
Id say he is going to tape the DPM up under DPC in the blocks
I've recently decided to stop doing work for one builder that puts alot of work my way as there attitude towards "well you'll get over it somehow" was getting worse by the month. I've done work for them for a long time but have now decided I'd rather leave the work than go down that path
I don't work for ANY builders full-stop. The amount of times they wanted me to cover their arses or do stupid things was ridiculous and I was always left with the thought that they would just blame 'that plasterer' for not doing it right. Fk that :RpS_thumbdn:
I,always do,what I think,is right and charge for that, can't have it coming back to bite me, been caught the odd time, most jobs I do I am let get on with it and present the bill at the end, I rarely price now.
Whack the scalpings, put in a 1200 gauge dpm and concrete it. im guessing its an extention or conservatory base so should really have 75mm celotex with a slip membrane over it before the screed but if you only have 10mm to play with my guess is the builder has fked up the ffl so i'dtell him to wipe his own ass and walk away personally
Thanks lads . Ye are right about walking from builders that expect the sun moon and stars ,I dont let myself get rode (havent met the right ladyboy yet ha ha )
This fella is sound would have everything right usually , so I think the concrete is the way to go
Have a look at agilia flowing concrete. I've done many floors with no sub base using the agilia at 100mm. Most building inspectors are happy seeing this as the mix is 35 Newton strength (c35) and easily achieves a screed like finish.

The hardcore will have to be fully compacted/whackered and a membrane must be placed below the agilia mix to contain its fluidity.
Agilla that the concrete u just walk though to level mate?

Yes it is it's made by lafarge it's not cheap and self levels used it on founds a couple of times and on sub floors a couple of times where cost was not an issue for the customer. I am pretty sure lafarge are the only peeps that have a product like this unless anyone knows different ? tbh honest never really knew the proper name of it :RpS_lol:
it was a friend who put me onto it at the time.
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