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I'm curious as to wether the one trick pony seals his mono
It seems more and more guys are doing this now and as mono is all you do I was asking a question
your very defensive keith
Pipe down
lol ,i think we sort of know the game Bob


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i asked what I thought was a genuine question as I'm interested to find out if the guys that do mono day in day out(like yourself) seals there mono
I though nosey f**k*r was a bit uncalled for!!!


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What i then would have said ,before you kicked off was ... i all ways give a print out and recommend Paraguard to seal it ,most sites i work on have a painter ,domestic sites they are happy to do it if they want .The reason i do not do it as a package is it does not state how long it will last ,its not a time served product ,and us as renderers will cost far more money then a painter


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I am after some advise from the guys who use Ritmos please.
I have a G4 3 phase and have been doing site and domestic work for some time but my work now is mainly small developments, The sites always seem to be tight and hard to get the machine about so was wondering if anyone has changed from 3 phase to 110 or 240 and how they are getting on?
The G4 is so reliable but was just wondering if the small plug in electrics would do the work i am doing without having to lug heavy gene and machine about so much.
Especially when staff let you down!

we run both mate, started with a ritmo and then got the G4, to be honest we much prefer the G4 even for the smaller sprays, we are thinking of selling the ritmo as it hardly gets any use.

Andy M

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Opposite for me,sold the G4 and just keep the ritmo now.Theres ups and downs for both set ups with the Ritmo being slower but the G4 being heavy and needing an ear splitting generator,unless it's diesel.
Get more than enough m2 on with the Ritmo and save Gennys juice by plugging into customers socket


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I used to love the G4 but only ever used one in Germany it was simple and a lot less fiddly switches like a ritmo but over in Ze Vaterland they have "Stark Strom" not Tony Stark from the avengers but a 3amp plug on pretty much every house/job I did so never needed a generator. Brilliant machines tho even I could makeep one work no bother


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I brought a G5 thought was to big and awkarward brought a ritmo m which I loved how small it was and never needed a generator.it come to me getting a mortage and needing money so choose to sell the ritmo which I think is great but the G5 takes some beating lol lot less tempermental I find