Replacing render on wood framed property


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Hi guys, hoping you might be able to help me out and point me in the right direction

We recently moved into a new property in March just outside Halstead in Essex

It is a 1747 oak framed property with an exterior concrete render. It had a large extension nd renovation in 1983 where the house was taken back to its oak skeleton. From there it was rendered with a concrete based render and painted.

With the heavy rainfall we have recently been experiencing we have concerningly noticed many leaks inside the property and on closer inspection, the interior of the exterior render is sodden and there are a number of large cracks.

I noted from the survey that the choice of concrete render was incorrect and it may at some point need replacing. Someone has also pointed out to me that after that amount of time, the render may have become porous and may need resealing/painting

We need an assessment of our current render with recommendations as to the best resolution moving forwards but i'm wary of cowboys and want to get this done once and get this done right

I reckon conservatively there is 100sqm of rendering on the oak framed portion of the building and about 50sqm on the block work extension.

I've been told you'd be looking at roughly £100 per sqm to remove the old render and replace, but surely the old render on the clockwork extension could be left as is?

A lot of questions I know, but I want to try and steer through this minefield in the correct way as I want to do this once and once only

If this is something you can help with we’d very much like to hear back from you with any thoughts