Repairing chips / hairline cracks NHL plinth


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I have a NHL plinth rendered at bottom of the wall around the front of my property. The plinth has a some hairline cracks and there are some chips around by the front door.

The render is sound. The cracks appeared when I broke up concrete slab in the garden and the chips by the door are from Asda delivery drivers smashing their carts into it.

I was wondering how to best repair these?

If I knock up some more render, cut the cracks out a bit and fill would that work?

I read somewhere that using lime wash on hairline cracks would fill them, however, I don't want to change the colour of the plinth as it matches the pointing, wall, etc.

I'm assuming the chips will be harder to repair as the corner will be a weak point and I'm not sure any new render would adhere
well enough.

Any advice would be appreciated.