Renovation plaster over tanking

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I've been a plasterer for a while now buy never used renovation plaster. Do I need to pva the tanking before putting the renovation plaster on?
I’m going to be gutted if you’re smoother….

Is this a sovereign system?

I read a mental damp report recently and the method the plasterers suggested was a Sovereign system. I’d not heard of them, but the system was:

Sbr slurry


Renovation breathable backing plaster


Sounded like absolute madness to me! If you’re using breathable plaster why would you use anything that seals like pva or sbr?

Why would you tank with waterproofer and use renovation plaster?

If you’re using renovation plaster such as limelite

Damp down with water
Use renovation plaster
Damp down with water

As far as I’m aware