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in the middle of rendering a wall at my nan's ,, i layed the top coat on 1.30 this after noon the bottom 4 inches is still sagging, i used a piece of wood across the bottom intsead of bellcast, will i still have this problem if i use a metal or plastic bead,, what do i do to stop this happening? also the i did the scratch coat yesterday so the wall was still quite damp? thanks
could be a few things mate coat too heavy not letting the scratch dry out for a couple of days at least too much w/p in scratch it shunt really be sagging in weather like this now
the top coat is about 12mm but the wall was still quite damp as i dubbed the wall out before i scratched it.. didnt use any admitures, ill probably leave the scratch dry out next time...
The render has to be correctly mixed using the correct ammount of ads, lime ,water etc, render cant be under or over mixed this only comes with rendering experience , the time of year also the time of year and weather temps make a huge difference , c utting down on w/p ,thickness of top coat and starting at the bottom of a wall and working upwards help this time of year , but you cant be putting on top coats in the afternoon and expect to get it finished properly this time of year .
cheers men,,, lots of helpful information thanks,, also i forgot to say it was a garden wall, no dpc.. it looked ok the next day, but it is now tyrolean..

gona render an old stone wall next,, do i need 2 to apply sbr slurry before dubbing the wall out
Dont forget mate when rendering the water and moisture will make it way to the bottom of wall. Even more so this time of the year.
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