Removed my floor tiles

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Hi all

I have removed all my floor tiles that have been stuck down with some sort of tar. Also i have removed most of the walls and am now stuck with 3 problems.

1. Is the tar stuff a dpm was built 1950s and needs re doing?
2. Will a self leveling compound stick to the tar?
3. Needs to be 10mm in the lowest points whats best?

Any help or abuse will helpfull.
self leveller wont stick to tar...
petrol might shift it though...
deep base leveller will go from 5-50mm - wickes, about 12 quid for 20kg, does about a metre at about 10mm ish...
anything thinner use standard levelling compound, up to about 3mm, maybe 5 at a push
You can get a primer which is designed for self levelling compound, and it's suitable for use over bitumen floors, I've used it a few times and it works perfectly. Wickes have just started stocking it, it's in a 2.5 litre tub, and is a pea-green colour.
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